Easy Ways to Get Moving When You’re Stuck Inside – Rainy Day or not!

The occasional rainy day is a blessing – cozy up in a old t-shirt under a blanket with some hot tea and a good show or book, and not feel guilty about it. Trust me, I get it. However, a few of these in a row can make me feel extbedroomremely cooped up and dying to get outside. Especially now with gyms closed and not having access to a treadmill to “go for a walk”, it can be hard to feel motivated to get off the couch. If you’re OCD like me, you wonder how you can possibly get your 10k steps in (yes, I said it and worse, I mean it).

Whether you’re binge watching Netflix or Hulu or working from home (or un-apologetically both, like me), try fitting in these few easy ways to get your blood flowing and burn some extra calories.

1. March in place.

It seems silly, and yes I do it. Sometimes when I am watching some trash TV I will just continuously march in place and get lost in the Kardashians. Before I know it, I walked 1,000 steps. It’s a quick, easy, low-impact way to get moving and earn that extra serving of chips.

2. Arm circles.

Forwards and backwards, big or small, arm circles will improve your circulation and get your upper body moving. Sitting hunched over your desk for too long? Get up and do these for a few minutes at a time. Make it a goal to do them for 5 minutes every hour that you spend working.

3. Go the long way to the fridge.

I do this at work, and my coworkers laugh at me, but they also ask how I eat as much as I do and still look as fit as I am. One of the ways I manage is to not take the easy way out. I started implementing this at home since I now work from my bedroom. If I want to make a cup of tea, I go downstairs, fill the teapot, and come back upstairs until it boils. If I want a snack with it, I bring my tea back up to cool and then go back down for my food. It seems silly, but doing one task at a time and running back and forth creates that little extra calorie burn that keeps your heart rate up.

4. Use your 15 to fit in a quick body weight cardio workout.

You don’t necessarily have to work up a sweat, but getting moving for a quick cardio workout in your home office will make the day go by quicker and give you more energy to finish off strong. I like to do a few simple moves like marching in place, in circles, or in a bridge, pendulum lunges, boxing kicks or punches, and bicycle crunches. Set your timer for 15 minutes and just keep moving!

5. Use the time you would have spent commuting to create a little heat in your body.

Since we aren’t driving to and from work, that gives most of us an extra hour or more, depending on your commute, to get moving (and less time for us Angelinos to complain about traffic). If it’s not raining, I go for a walk before work. If it is, I bounce on my mini tramp or go for a quick spin on the elliptical. If I’m sore, I’ll find some kind of project, like cleaning my bathroom or dusting the house, that requires me to be a bit more active than just sleeping for an extra hour. Since I’m already in sweats, might as well!