The Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen

I’ve had a lot of people ask me about farmers markets as well. Is their produce organic? Is it safe to eat if they say it is not organic? My advice is to ask whoever is selling the produce if it is organic, and if not, ask if it is pesticide free. Many farms can not afford to buy the organic license year after year, which allows them to make that claim. Most farmers markets only have pesticide free growers selling there, so just make sure to clarify.

Have you guys seen this posting? It’s so helpful for me when I’m going to the grocery store and am picking out my fruits and veggies. It basically tells you which produce items you can buy conventionally, or non organic, and which you really should do all you can to buy organic. They update this every month, which helps you navigate which foods are becoming more contaminated as time goes on.

The reason we buy some fruits and vegetables organic is that over time, we have added pesticides and growth hormones to foods in farms to help them grow to maturity, or larger, without being eaten by wildlife. While I understand farmers need to make a living, it’s hurting our population and making the foods we think are healthy not so. These chemicals build up in our bodies over time and cause long term damage.

If you’re interested in the farming side of this, check out the Netflix documentary The Biggest Little Farm, where a Los Angeles couple buys a farm and goes back to the old way of farming, letting the land and animals feed and prosper off each other. It’s a perfect example of how biodiversity leads to prosperity.

I know it can be expensive to buy everything organic so I hope this guide helps you when picking and choosing what to buy organic and what you can slide by without.


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